How to start a clothing brand

How to start a clothing brand... where do we begin?

Starting a clothing brand could literally change your life. I mean it did for us. With many years of experience in the clothing industry, an individual brand was where it all started.

Y-Cart blank apparel was born from spotting a gap in the market for high quality and well fitting blanks. So, while Y-Cart is a majority B2B based business, our team has extensive years of experience in the B2C clothing brand sector of the industry.

Starting a clothing brand can be a dream that seems to far out of reach for many of us. however with the growth of social media it is becoming increasing easier to create and generate viable brands that provide you and your potential future team with a viable income.

Even though a clothing brand is a long term game and can be a lengthy process to get started, we have compacted what we think are the most important things to do first into 6 easy steps.


STEP ONE: Do your research!

Research can answer a million and one questions regarding your business and it's important to research into the things that are going to effect yoiu long term. But what do we mean by this? 

We suggest researching things like, the tools you are going to need to mock up designs, the name and domains you are thinking of using, other competitors in the market that already create a potentially similar product to you, your overall style and the best platforms to target the correct audience for your brand!

All of the things can be what really sets you apart from others. having an expansive knowledge of the early steps can be game changing for making faster moves. While we understand that some knowledge can only come while doing the job, you can definitely get the ball rolling from day one.

STEP TWO: Give it a name.

Giving your brand a name might seem really simple but it can sometimes be the most daunting task. your name is something that is going to be with you forever. The name of your brand needs not only fit your market but also stand out. It's important to know if this name is already taken or others have a name close to the one you want to use. Simple domain searches, social media handle searches and trademark searches can flag up any taken names that might not be available. 

Our top tip is to make your brand name relatable to the audience that you are looking to target! having a name that already speaks the message and ethos of your brand can help you with sales later on down the line.

STEP THREE: Allocate a budget.

Of course, when starting a brand you are going to have to allocate a certain amount of start up budget to purchasing your product, websites and other relevant things to get you going. A budget doesnt have to be a lot but it does have to be realistic! ask yourself questions such as, "does my budget cover everything I need?". The goal is to not off load too much of your hard earned cash into something that might not return you the money. It's also important to take into consideration that after a few weeks of doing this, you may not want to do it any more. Wasting your money could therefore stop you from doing something else in the future. 

STEP FOUR: Find the right blank apparel.

finding the right blank apparel brand that's best suited to the quality and fit you need can be a lengthy process however it is incredibly important that you nail it within the first few times. Changing your product can be stressful for a buyer. A local customer may enjoy or like the Apparel that you start with however maybe put off by product changes if they seem to change in the first few months of purchasing. It's important to try and stay consistent. 

Y-Cart offers high quality apparel from the off set. Remember that, in an online world, your customer is unable to touch and feel the product until it is delivered to them. first impressions are everything! if you want to try our products for yourself then samples can be purchased from the Sample Store to make sure that Y-Cart is the right blank apparel brand for you! 

STEP FIVE: Plan your content.

Planning your content can seem a little bit more complicated than in needs to but the key is to not over complicate things. one of our handy tips is to break your content down into categories. For example, we call ours, "In Action", "Close Ups" and "Text Based". 

In Action Content are photos, stories, reels, Tik Toks, etc. that captures your product on a model or being used. IN Action content can sometimes be the hardest to create however better content comes with practice.  Allowing your audience access to photos of individuals wearing what they are about to buy can be what gets you the sale.

Close Up content is exactly what it sounds like. We use Close Up content to capture photos or videos of close ups of the product. This can highlight some of the best features that you may miss in a bigger photo. For example, the stitching, the neckline or even the print quality is sometimes best shown from a close up image.

And then last but not least, Text Based Content. Text Based content is informative text or text to catch the target audiences attention. We found that over the years it's been hard to always capture a photo of the product if we've been busy or away for a few days. Text based content can be easily generated on apps on your phone and can fill that gaps when you have nothing else to post. 

Content planning needs to be well spread and consistent. it's important to make sure that the above categories are spread out among several posts in order not to bore you audience with the same repetitive posts.

STEP SIX: Start a website.

A website can be the key to making yourself look as legitimate as possible. To unknowing new customers a well built website can make you look as if you have been running the business for years. This can put a customer at ease when purchasing from you.

After years of trialing and testing websites we would recommend Shopify everytime... and no, this isn't some sot of sponsored ad. We ourselves have jumped from many web building platforms to finally settle with Shopify across our entire network of brands and clothing based businesses. Shopify is used by clothing based giants such as Gymshark or newer based brands like Represent and that seriously says it all.


The truth is, it's all about getting started. The only way to jump head first into getting your clothing brand up and running is to start today. don't over complicate the process and don't talk yourself out because it could change your life.