The top 3 things to consider when buying blanks

When purchasing Blank Apparel it's fundamental that you consider whats the best option for you and your brand. Therefore the order of our top 3 points to consider may change dependent on your brands goal.

So let's start off with point number 1...


Working on finding the right quality of garment for your brand is very important. The quality of the product you offer can have an ever lasting effect on what the customer thinks of the products that you produce. When deciding what you best options are it's important to put yourself in the buyers shoes. Ask yourself, would you be happy if this product came through your door? 

While the quality of blank apparel can direct effect your product pricing, it will also reflect of the products life span. in a retail based market, a long lasting product will obtain recurring custom. AND REMEMBER... good quality products aren't just based on a first impression. We advise that you test apparel for a period of time to understand its versatility, printing capabilities and wash-ability.

Y-Cart Blanks offer a high quality finish that have been purpose built from the best print stable cottons. Our blanks are built to last while offering an on-trend fit.

That then leads us onto the product fit.


The fit of a product is another customer based dynamic. As a brand owner you need to make sure you are offering the best fitting garments for your audience. Are you promoting a streetwear based brand that focusing on oversized garments or are you a sportswear business looking for tight fitting products for a gym environment? The are the questions you need to have mapped out in your mind. 

While Y-Cart develops its future collections, we will be working towards offering a statement fit for every industry. Our goal is to be as diverse as possible in order to work with a wide range of brands.

And last but not least...


Access to a steady supply of blank garments is important. You as the brand owner need to thing ahead and think fast. What will you be dropping next once the current stock has sold out? Your chosen blank apparel is a crucial part of the supply chain which allows your customers to continue buying.

A dead supply chain can lead to the death of a brand. That is why at Y-Cart we have a double stock system. While are garments are manufactured overseas, they are continuously stocked in our warehouses in the UK. This allows us to do the fast and forward thinking for you. When our stock levels are getting low, our next shipments to replenish stock will be on their way. This saves having to wait for direct shipments from potentially unreliable manufacturers or blank supplies who promise fast deliveries without factoring in import timings.

So their you have it. Those are our top 3 things to consider when choosing the right blanks for you!